St. Jude’s Church is an existing Grade II Listed Church located within Englefield Green Cemetery on the western side of St. Jude’s Road in the centre of Englefield Green. The proposed memorial site is located to the front of St. Jude’s Church and forms part of the wider grounds of the existing church yard and cemetery which comprises of graves within groups, family or single plots. The proposed war memorial is located to the east of St Jude’s Church adjacent to the eastern boundary of the church yard and St. Jude’s Road. To the south, the site abuts the existing position of the ‘Cross of Sacrifice’ a memorial to the commemorate those who died during the two World Wars.

Historically, this part of the wider site has always been of great significance since the erection of the ‘Cross of Sacrifice’ by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in 1929 to signify the presence of over 50 (91) War Graves in the cemetery.The ‘Cross of Sacrifice’ has been the focus for villagers on Remembrance Sunday since this time and is inscribed with two sets of numbers on the left 1914 – 18, on the right 1939 – 45, and one statement ‘THEIR NAME LIVETH FOR EVERYONE’. However there are no names visible anywhere in the confines of the Cemetery, church or wider village community.  Following the service in November 2013, residents questioned the statement and enquired about the names of the soldiers specifically referred to and the number of village residents this may have included. Subsequent research on these enquiries confirmed that there are in fact over 91 War Graves spread throughout the Cemetery. To mark this important fact, the Church and Village residents therefore started exploring the potential for a new memorial to specifically signify the presence of that number of war graves and the . The evolution of this research and design process is outlined in the following sections of this website.


The Proposal


Following further research carried out between November 2013 and March 2014 it was confirmed that 94 village residents had died in WW1 and 20 village residents had died in WWII.It was subsequently established in March 2014 that whilst the 114names of Village Servicemen are likely to be recorded elsewhere there was no available record of them specifically in Englefield. Accordingly and given the above knowledge, a proposal was put forward to the Englefield Green Village Residents Association (EGVRA) that a new memorial should be commissioned to commemorate the names of the of the local servicemen who lost their lives in the two World Wars. First a Wall of Remembrance was considered; however, given the length of the proposed wall (5.5 metres and 2 metres high) it would block the view towards the listed building of St Jude’s Church. This was considered to be unacceptable by the Conservation Officer and the current design by Chris Palomba and his team at jsa architects was developed. Is in response to the RBC Officers comments namely –

  • It is open and does not block the view to St Jude’s Church
  • It is of the time and permits the public to interact with every column
  • It creates an open area where residents/visitors can contemplate the sacrifice made by those who died for us in both world wars


A significant amount of consultation has since taken place regarding the proposal for a new war memorial. This has included positive consultation with:-


  • Philip Hammond (MP) the then Secretary of State for Defence
  • All six RBC Ward Councillors
  • The Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Consultation has also taken place with Ms Joanne Hollingdale at Runnymede Borough Council who advised that the memorial should be circular and comprise of stones. It was also advised that any design should have due regard to the setting of the Listed Church. In the evolution of the design, the proposed sketch designs have also been presented at the local village fair, Church fete and local shops and businesses to welcome community feedback. Most recently, a scaled display model of the memorial was presented at the Egham Royal Show.



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